KidnApp is a GPS enabled app and social network that lets you create and schedule your own private kidnappings from 1 to 72 hours long. After creating a profile, you have the ability to follow other Waiters (users) and their Takers(kidnAppers), comment on their activities, and create kidnAppings of your own.

 the waiters

When you sign up for kidnApp, you become a Waiter. Actually submitting all depends on you. It can be anything from eating grapes and watching Survivor for an hour or an entire night of being manhandled in handcuffs. What would you submit? Remember your safe word in case you want your kidnApping to end.

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 the takers

Across the country, we assign our professional team of Takers to the best-suited Waiter once the Waiter submits. Our hiring process is thorough and intense to guarantee the highest quality experience for our users. Do you think you'd make a great Taker?

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For as low as $4.99 a month, let kidnApp change the way you interact with the world.

We've made escaping your life easy. Once you fill out kidnApp's simple form and hit submit, you enter the 48 hour waiting period as your Taker calculates the best time to take you. Let our talented and creative Takers lift you out of your mundane routine for an abduction you will never forget.

Co-founder and CEO, Steven Jarvis

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